Start A Website Today Not Years Later

I'm going to show you the process of setting one up in under 30 minutes..

Long gone are the days of trying to put together a website by reading code and putting HTML that made sense because if you want to start a website today it’s 100x easier than it used to be.

How do I know?

I was one of those that had a super ugly FrontPage website because back in 1994 I thought it was the thing to do and that was the only option.


Start A Website Without Ripping Out Your Hair

I wish I kept the website I originally had years ago. I was so influenced by the myspace design back then that I thought it was actually cool to have music playing in the background. *no offense to those that might have websites with music playing*.

Shoot. I remember the time right around my senior year I was looking to use some Dreamweaver because that was the “simplest” way to start a website.”


I graduated with an engineering degree and working around dreamweaver with all of the ftp and navigating around was NOT fun.

I mean why couldn’t there be a place where they actually SHOWED you how to start a website?


WordPress is the #1 Way To Start A Website, Period

Look, there are a ton of people who will disagree that running with frontpage, dreamweaver, blogger, typepad, or whatever else is out there. I’m just saying with personal experience that when you start a website with WordPress it’s 10x easier to manage AND get found on Google.

start a website

Benefits To Start A Website Using (not .com)

Now I do want to specify that you want the and not the .com. You want to OWN your information. Whatever you do please make sure you own the website by hosting it with you because you don’t want your content shut down due to something you put on there.


  • You want to own your website which means using with a hosting account that you own.
    • Why spend all this time building up a website only to get it shut down because you don’t OWN the content on it by not hosting it yourself.
  • WordPress has a super easy way of managing your content be it video, articles or even downloadable content.
  • People think wordpress is only for blogging but wordpress is a content management system that can do even more, *hint – this website is built on wordpress*
  • People want to find you but they have no way of doing so because you  have no online real estate. WordPress fixes that in spades.
  • What’s the point of building online real estate if no one can find it? Get your website optimized using WordPress so Google, Yahoo, and the other search engines find it.

Here are some reasons I’ve seen on why people start a website

  • To make money – duh!
    • Sell  your products/services
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Build a Brand
    • Network Marketing
  • To organize their life, great way to build a community with your circle of friends. Think “Car Club”.
  • To document you journeys through life. Think of it as a live journal. It can be protected for your eyes only too if need be.
  • Documentation of events. I have a friend who loves digging into health related products and will go to intensive testing. A website is a fantastic way to share your information and also archive your journey.



Start A Website – You Can Afford It

Whatever your reasons might be you need to start a website today and not years from now. The reasons to “NOT” have a website are slowly turning into empty excuses. Your website is an extension of yourself and you NEED to get out there and start building.

So what does it cost to build a site? How about a Value Meal

fast food combo

  • Domains anywhere go for $10 a year (I’ll show you 2 places to get them)
  • Hosting as low as $3.96/month (I’ll show you an inside link for 25%+ off)
  • is free

For under $5 a month you can be running your OWN, HOSTED website pulling you new fans or paying customers.

The last time I checked, fast food combo meals are over $5 these days.

The cost of starting a website shouldn’t be the road block anymore, because it isn’t!

The reason your not building a traffic pulling website is because you don’t know HOW.

Well….. sorry to say you can’t hide behind that anymore. I’m going to show  you ;)



Start A Website in 11 Modules

Instead of having you watch a 2 hour training video I decided to break it down into parts so you can then go at your own pace or even back track if you think you need to refresh your memory. Installing a website the very first time for me was a huge step and I want to make it as easy as possible by having a step by step video for you.

  • Mindset
  • Overview
  • Domains
  • Hosting
  • Bridge
  • Installation
  • Basic Setup
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Design
  • Content


Since this is an area I work in all of the time for my personal business I will from time to time add MORE content for free.

For less than what you pay for a dinner these days, I’m going to show you how to start a website today by putting in your information. I will give you instant access to starting a website on the next page with a couple days for FREE training on what you need to do.